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For the last year I've had this annoying slurping noise coming from my drivers side window. It is the loudest when its raining. Otherwise there was some slight wind whistling coming from the window. This whistling got worse if I just tapped the window down button bringing the window down about 1mm in the track. I have a 4 door btw.

I took it in for warranty but they failed to reproduce the noise (yeah right). Anyway, today I bought a new "runchannel" that the window seals against. It's the long thick rubber seal that runs on the inside of the window frame. Part number 72275-SNA-A01. The old one came out ok, it goes way down inside the door frame. The new one being fresh rubber was impossible to push down inside the door frame. So I wetted it with water and then it slid down inside. Took about 20 minutes to get it in place properly. It cost $85 in Canada (The 2 door was only $35!?). I'm going to send the old back to Honda with a letter asking to be reimbursed. It's pretty lame how I can solve this problem and the dealership could not. They won't even try to fix noise or quality issues.

The slurping noise is now gone!
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