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Slunk2 Camshafts R18 is out!

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R18 Tuner Series Camshafts Stage 2

Gain an extra 10+ hp with Skunk2’s Tuner Series Stage II Camshaft for the Honda R18, our premier line of high-performance camshafts for Honda’s R18A1 engines. Tuner Series Stage II Camshafts are designed to optimize horsepower and torque on mildly modified engines and are the result of Skunk2’s years’ worth of drag racing and road racing efforts. No other line of high-performance camshafts even comes close to Skunk2’s Tuner Series.

Skunk2 camshafts deliver unparalleled power as a result of continual, extensive development and testing. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and the latest computerized simulation and modeling equipment, Skunk2 camshafts are able to deliver maximum power across the entire powerband. Skunk2 designs and tests all of its camshafts in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance. Each camshaft is new, not regrind, and manufactured from high-strength, hollow, iron-alloy cores featuring cutting-edge profiles. All Skunk2 camshafts are ground to exact specifications using state-of-the-art CNC cam grinding machines equipped with cubic-boron grinding wheels and feature hardened, wear-resistant lobes and surfaces.

Skunk2’s Tuner Series Camshafts for R18A1-based engines feature Fast Ramp and AMAX profile technology, which increases overall performance and results in unmatched response from idle to redline. AMAX technology simply maximizes the area under the lift curve but without compromising reliability or valvetrain stability. Skunk2’s profiles feature more duration than competitors’ at lifts above 1mm, resulting in greater efficiency and more power. And thanks to Fast Ramp, the same technology used in Formula One racing, seat timing is reduced, which results in additional cylinder pressure and more torque but without compromising valvetrain longevity. The Stage II R18A1 camshafts utilize the stock VTEC economy lobe. This mean you do not sacrifice MPG while cruising, your MPG will remain the same under cruse loads. The Stage II cam also provides more lift and duration, and is a drop in cam that requires no spring or retainer upgrade. To extract the utmost power a tuning device such as Hondata would be required.

Part Number: 305-05-0075 (R18 Tuner Series Camshafts Stage 2)
Available now at Skunk2.com.
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I might buy this cam next week add it to my ever growing parts list but for sure will add it. Get all these power mods knocked out
I will but adding more stuff around it let's just get them purchased first :)
What else will you be doing? Any mods I should get to support this besides flashpro? I already have intake and exhaust.
Are you asking for my mod list which is a lot sitting in my garage haaa or what for this cam?? This is a drop in cam so nothing has to be done but if you want the usable power you need to, get retuned for it of course. So as always with any car you want to get all the basics done first then do advance stuff like this so basics first

Intake exhaust tune. Then if your serious and want more power the cam turbo kit intake manifold motor etc etc.
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Pay if you don't know don't attempt as you don't want to blow your motor messing with timing and not torquing to correct specs
When I get mine im going to get a dyno before and after to see the actual difference... but it would be nice knowing before I buy... hint... hint
I'll have to talk to my shop,to see if they will even do this as I have a ton of parts going on at one time more of a base with nothing then bam everything I don't think they will give me 3 dynos and 2 tunes separate for testing without charging me lol. Would have to be a shop that wanted numbers for their customers for research
Lol takes time to add these parts and I guess u missed the part where they said it retains stock idle soooooo it will not sound different lol
so i called a shop and they quoted me 500 bucks to install this , does it seem fair ?
Lol, he'll no unless this includes tuning as we'll I'm Getting a complete turbo installed along with all supporting mods I mean all of them Exhaust intake spacer gauges etc and tuned on the dyno for 1300 lol sooo I would say you getting ripped off shop, around keep in mind you need a tune almost instantly since your upgrading cams. Now my price might go up 200 more for them to add cams to, the list maybe not
Ok so now legit Im getting a little frustrated with this, I called a bunch of shops , some quited me anything from 800 to 1200 to install the cam , and some just straight up told me they wont do it, now I want to do it myself , however ive never done this and dont want to **** something up, my mechanical skills are rather sufficient but I dont want to risk ******* up my cars timing, even though it seems easy to time. A couple of people have told me they would help me installing the parts that I have waiting for me at home so if anyone is interested in helping and lives near eastern nc ill be doing this when I come back in march the help would be greatly appreciated
Why not visit a Honda only shop in a different state?? That what I did to get my evo and Z turboed was cheaper and speciality shops? The traveling could be fun
Any word on getting it dynoed after the cam?
What do you mean install cam only and then dyno?? If that's what you mean I would never do that as it's a waste of money. I have tons of other engine mods including a turbo kit in my garage I want it all installed at one time to conserve money from having to tune twice and double the shop fees and double the dyno time. Again that would be a waste of money the cams will add power I would assume 10-20 more with proper tuning.

Now what I'm willing to do is do a stock dyno pull then a pull after all these parts are installed to see the total gain that now I'm very interested in seeing :)
Do you know any honda specialty shop near north carolina ? Or you can just come and help me :D
Nope lol sorry you must do leg work ooooor drive that soon to be monster down to Dfw in Texas I have 5 shops I know that can put it all together lol and you can stay in my huge house till it's all done installed and dynoed tuned :dance:
Its sooooo far though ...... I live in nc that would be quite a drive , I might get pcs to yuma nextbyear though
It's like 19hrs from nc to la where I used to live lol add another 3 hrs to get to Dfw. What's 22 hr drive man guezzzzzzz :dancingcoolsmiley:

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