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Hey guys.

Some of you might know me, I have officially come over to Team Torque!!

I was already boosted, my last setup was the CTSC blower, 3.15 pulley, on E85 and tuned by Bugermass - at Secret Services Auto..

A few weeks later, i noticed that to get my car to where i wanted it to be, i would have to spend about 5k more, and it would not be reliable. I did some research, and spoke with evan at SSA. I instantly decided that was what i wanted. Although there isnt any pictures as of yet, ill be updating the thread as soon as i get pictures from evan.

Heres the parts list to my custom SSA kit.

Precision Billet 6262 T3 journal bearing turbo
Precision 46mm wastegate
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Tial Q50 BOV
Fuel Injector Clinic 1000cc modified bosch injectors
SSA Fuel return system
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Hybrid-Racing fuel rail
SSA top mount manifold
SSA 3inch downpipe
SSA dump tube
SSA air-to-water intercooler system w/Garrett 1000whp core
Turbo Blanket
Heat wrap ( Downpipe )

Motor build:
-Hybrid Racing chain tensioner
-Stainless Steel Valves
-Dual Valvesprings
-Titanium Retainers
-Spring Seat Locators
-Machined Valve Locks
-Bronze Valve Guides
-Valve Stem Seals
-Port n Polished Head
-Pauter Rods
-Wiseco Forged Pistons (86.5mm 9.8:1)
-Main, Rod, Thrust Bearings
-ARP Head Studs

-Competition Stage 4 clutch
-Albins Helical Cut 1-4
-TSX 5th gear
-OEM synchro sets (1-6)

I dropped off my car at SSA on 3/28/2010, i went and cruised the Caribbean, and now im playing the waiting game. It should be done in 2 weeks. Like i said, as soon as i get pics/vids of the car, ill post them up and update the thread!


Here are the pictures!

Updates 4-21-10

Heres some pics of my intercooler and the new SSA battery mount kit.


Dave just finished welding my downpipe, and dumptube. Also added a flange to bolt up to a skunk2 2.75" / 3" . Look at the penetration of weld, completely amazing! Enjoy!


Chris aka Bugermass got a whopping 450hp 320tq @ 22psi (remember this is a mustang dyno, so im really at 500hp ;)


Well the bottom end is being blue printed. Here's some pictures of the head. Look how awesome the port and polish job came out..

And heres some of the Pauter Forged Rods.. They look so sweet!


Still waiting on bearings and then SSA will re check the clearences, assemble the block, dis assemble, clean and then finally assemble it.


Got some more pictures!!! :)

and heres some more ...

My tranny decided to blow up and 4th gear was sheared off..

So i went with some albins..


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I can't wait to see the pics even though i watched Dave build your mani, neener neener. I'm hoping you go back to team ethanol too. Thats going to be a sick build, let me know when they plan on tuning and i'll swing by the shop and take some vids of it on the dyno.
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