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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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I can post up pics of mine, I'll be taking them out this week. They should be perfect.
the slap i believe has to do with the TCT im pretty sure. The 09+ TCT have a fix anything under that the problem still occurs ive had my chain snap because of a faulty TCT at around 2700 rpms highway cruising
Could you phrase that whole post better? It's a little hard to understand what you mean.
TCT had about 46,000 miles on it tuned by Matt shue in richmond Virginia who did an awesome job just the tcts are fixed oem 09+ tsx as far as I knowP
How do you know the 09's TSX tct is "fixed". Links? Research?
no, 46k miles on K24A2 Cams. The K Series TCT is a known weak point for the whole motor
But what about the 09 tct? How do you know? Post links or data
ok guys went with the s2 s3 cams and ??????????

bbbbwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! says my :vtec:... :love: way better than stage 2 cams... and i have the whole family 1-3 tuner series...:eyebrows:

as for 09 tsx tct well unfortunately chain slap is still there. so extensive tuning is still required although, it really did quiet it down a lot..

either way install was a breeze took only 45 mintues thanks to a special thread and post on crsx.... either way i'm very happy:dance:

thank you everyone for all ur help:corona:
Had to say I kinda felt like that would happen. Maybe it's got to do with half generation in the versions of cams?

I just bought a set of stage 3's that were hand verified by S2 to be legit v3's, I'm thinking they are one of the few good sets.
well i really didn't pay attention to what version mine were that much all i saw was a s3v inscribed on the cams. at first i thought they were stage2 cams then i saw the thickness of the lobes and i fell in :love: lol
You should check the version
There have been reports of HR tensioners failing as well if nobody's mentioned it yet. The best tensioner you can get is the one that came with your motor. OEM. Just replace it with a new one if you wanna be extra safe. Personally i think it's a maintenance item that should be replaced every 20k or so miles if you're cammed.
Hybrid ones break, I've killed 2 myself. OEM doesn't seem that safe ether as I've broken those too.
Seems like the S2 cams are the only cams you hear of having tensioner problems :think:
Not true, I broke one tensioner on Drag Cartels.
I am looking at getting some cartels, did you have the oem tensioner or a aftermarket one?
Hybrid Racing, im currently on my 3rd one.
I don't doubt that other cams break tensioners, just seems like more often than not its the s2's, I have heard it is because of the high ramp up design :shrug:
Or ****ty tensioners.
tensioners will not break on s2 cams unless your tune is off...
Your just assuming it broke in the conventional way. The last 2 I had blew out the snap ring in the side of the tensioner.
Becareful to anyone buying skunk 2 cams no matter what the stage. I just recently had skunk 2 stage 3 cans installed on my fully built k20/k24. Two days ago my car jumped time at idle and bent my valves. The motor only had 6k miles and the tct failed already. I would suggest anyone looking to buy these cams to go with drag cartels or SVM instead unless you have the time and money to constantly check/replace your tensioner. Learned my lesson already. Two sets of skunk 2 cams and twice my motor has broke due to timing chain issues. Once with the hybrid tct and now with the oem tct.

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
Did it eat up the teeth on the tensioner?
Always gonna hear from both sides on threads like this. Again, the TCT is a maintenance item that should be replaced or at least checked every 15-20k miles. We recently installed SVM cams in my car but when we checked the oem TCT the teeth were slightly worn and the spring was getting soft. Bought it brand new and probably had about 10k miles on it with STOCK cams. Never went over 8500 rpm. Never misshifted.
If he went by the 15k-20k mark on when to change tensioners he'd still have a dead motor. Engine had 6k on it.

Though I do agree though it is a maintenance piece and there are most definitely signs of failure that probably could have prevented this.
how would a tune cause that? it was mechanical failure... you are talking about your stage 2 like they are the same cams... they are not. it could be the more aggressive profile.
Most likely not the tune. Having a stock tensioner was not a good idea.
i'm no genius, but that sounds like ****ty cam design.
They do make very good power though.
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