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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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The issues with the skunk2 cams were in the version 1 & 2 cams. The version 3 cams do not have those issues.

Please perform your research before posting
like b.r.i.a.n. said, I think the different the versions corrected the centerlines of the of the vtec lobes. I don't think (feel free to prove me wrong) that they addressed the ramp angles of the cams (especially closing the valves). which in my opinion can be one of the factors contributing to "the timing chain slap" & harshness on the valvetrain & tensioners. If the cam shaft design does not support the closing of the valve - what does? the valvespring only? I think it was harley davidson once tested a camshaft with a square lobe. It made crazy power but not for long lol

as I stated in the other thread - I'd like to see these on a spintron at 9000-9500 & would also like to see before & after pictures of the valves & valve seats. if anyone has any please post them up
i still think it was tune, can you open your tune and show us a pic of low cam angle tables on fp???

without that i'm stuck on ur tune, if your low cam looks good then theres a glitch in cams that we should all be aware of.

till then...

i'm stuck on tune sorry..
from what I know JoTech has tuned plently of K-series. As for the tune being the culprit... I SERIOUSLY doubt it, tunes don't cause chain slap. I have seen certain stg2 & stg3 cams destroy tensioners & others not
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