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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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hybrid racing tensioner is much better than the skunk2 one. the stock tensioner will not work with the very large lobed/race cams. It'll (the tensioner) just skim over the teeth and slap the crap out of the chain. had 2 skunk2's fail (but I have other skunk2 products that I think are excellent), but the hybrid racing is still chugging away with 20k miles at over 550whp (kelford turbo cams)

Got to pay to play.
There have been reports of HR tensioners failing as well if nobody's mentioned it yet. The best tensioner you can get is the one that came with your motor. OEM. Just replace it with a new one if you wanna be extra safe. Personally i think it's a maintenance item that should be replaced every 20k or so miles if you're cammed.
Always gonna hear from both sides on threads like this. Again, the TCT is a maintenance item that should be replaced or at least checked every 15-20k miles. We recently installed SVM cams in my car but when we checked the oem TCT the teeth were slightly worn and the spring was getting soft. Bought it brand new and probably had about 10k miles on it with STOCK cams. Never went over 8500 rpm. Never misshifted.
1 - 2 of 147 Posts
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