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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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I'm running these cams on my k20/k24 on oem tensioner with no probs. like blacksnow said these cans are fully street able and I made 295whp 210tq on pump gas.

I'm all hopped up on Junk 2!!!
hybrid racing tensioner is much better than the skunk2 one. the stock tensioner will not work with the very large lobed/race cams. It'll (the tensioner) just skim over the teeth and slap the crap out of the chain. had 2 skunk2's fail (but I have other skunk2 products that I think are excellent), but the hybrid racing is still chugging away with 20k miles at over 550whp (kelford turbo cams)

Got to pay to play.
lol funny because my hybrid tensioner exploded but my oem tct is still working just fine with my large lobe skunk 2 stage 3 cams

I'm all hopped up on Junk 2!!!
Becareful to anyone buying skunk 2 cams no matter what the stage. I just recently had skunk 2 stage 3 cans installed on my fully built k20/k24. Two days ago my car jumped time at idle and bent my valves. The motor only had 6k miles and the tct failed already. I would suggest anyone looking to buy these cams to go with drag cartels or SVM instead unless you have the time and money to constantly check/replace your tensioner. Learned my lesson already. Two sets of skunk 2 cams and twice my motor has broke due to timing chain issues. Once with the hybrid tct and now with the oem tct.

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
Did it eat up the teeth on the tensioner?
Yes it ate up the teeth then the car jumped time.

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
who tuned you?? :eek:hsnap:

i'm on used 06 k24a2 tct with 86k or more with no issues on s2s2v3 cams:dancingcoolsmiley: :vtec:
Jotech performance in Florida.

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
I didn't really hear chainslap. I heard plenty of noise coming from the vtc actuator before that failed though

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
i still think it was tune, can you open your tune and show us a pic of low cam angle tables on fp???

without that i'm stuck on ur tune, if your low cam looks good then theres a glitch in cams that we should all be aware of.

till then...

i'm stuck on tune sorry..
I can't open the tune as the tuner has it locked :( but w/e I'm just going to get rid of the junk 2 cams and go with some drag cartels

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!
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