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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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anyone running these cams that can enlighten me on some fruitful advice???
can anyone tell me whats the farthest cam angle anyone's ever taken these cams too on 12.5 pistons???
yeah truth.org gonna have to clay motor and start with tsx cam gear cutting it down till i feel its at its best..good friend told me 33 was max without claying it..
this guy helped me out in another forum just thought i'd spread the good word for all the 12.5 comp piston s3 cam holding customers out there, that want to clay there motors and check clearances at different cam angles

why bother dropping dime on modifying a TSX gear for 25 additional degrees when you can save loot and run a Tractuff VTC limiter inside of a 50* vtc gear:

TracTuff K Series VTC Limiter

^^wooh how many miles were you on when tct failed and who were you tuned by?
woohhh 09 tsx tct fix issues for chain slap..?? doubt that...hhmmm..honestly i think the tune issue still has a lot to do with it... theres a way to fix the tune to no chain slap... but hey 46k with s2s3 cams, props.
nice explanation might look into this:thumb:
i'm going to try it (oem bottom s3 cams) and rev to 8250....
going with 09 tsx tensioner hope it works with s2s3 tuner cams
ok guys went with the s2 s3 cams and ??????????

bbbbwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! says my :vtec:... :love: way better than stage 2 cams... and i have the whole family 1-3 tuner series...:eyebrows:

as for 09 tsx tct well unfortunately chain slap is still there. so extensive tuning is still required although, it really did quiet it down a lot..

either way install was a breeze took only 45 mintues thanks to a special thread and post on crsx.... either way i'm very happy:dance:

thank you everyone for all ur help:corona:
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well i really didn't pay attention to what version mine were that much all i saw was a s3v inscribed on the cams. at first i thought they were stage2 cams then i saw the thickness of the lobes and i fell in :love: lol
i was told they were v3's at the local shop i got them from... but will ask
i was looking at specs of cams on s2 website and if the lobes are near the same specs as s2 cams ..........

cams are very powerful tho, with fine tuning
came to reply today about tct tensioners and say "all you need is the oem one", the tighter you get it the less power will be made with s2 cams..
oem bottom running them strong with a little tunning. they seem outrageous with power so, what i recommend is going with our stock tct and getting supporting mods cause torque is powerful aswell.
no numbers yet but what i can say is do not get stronger tensioner such as 09 tsx tensioner because i didn't believe in chain stretch but

i should of checked my chain b4 i took out 09 tsx tensioner...deff not worth the headache when removing it.....get tuned right and all s2

cams are great
tensioners will not break on s2 cams unless your tune is off...
i was on oem tensioner with my tune a little off(still hear chain slap a tad) and it never broke.

seriously check your low cam angle you might have it too high and your eating your motor away...
Funny Ive been using these cams for quite some time and havent had any issues. The motor has also been opened up and no issues from these cams. Not too mention they put down more power then some other cams people swear by.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet folks. One of the hard things I had to learn during my build. Test stuff for yourself. Speak to people actually using the products.

Skunk2 Stage 3 cams are an amazing product.

Becareful to anyone buying skunk 2 cams no matter what the stage. I just recently had skunk 2 stage 3 cans installed on my fully built k20/k24. Two days ago my car jumped time at idle and bent my valves. The motor only had 6k miles and the tct failed already. I would suggest anyone looking to buy these cams to go with drag cartels or SVM instead unless you have the time and money to constantly check/replace your tensioner. Learned my lesson already. Two sets of skunk 2 cams and twice my motor has broke due to timing chain issues. Once with the hybrid tct and now with the oem tct.

I'm all jacked up on Junk 2!!!

who tuned you?? :eek:hsnap:

i'm on used 06 k24a2 tct with 86k or more with no issues on s2s2v3 cams:dancingcoolsmiley: :vtec:
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