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Skunk2 Stage 3 Cams - Review

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Just wanted to say I highly recommend these cams for the price. Putting down 298whp on 93 octane in an all motor setup is awesome!

Please check my build thread for details on my entire setup.

I will post my dynosheet later.

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Got timing chain slap? Skunk2 does. - K20A.org .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

Skunk2 cams potential problems / failed tensioner - K20A.org .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

I'd highly advise you look at these threads before you pour tons of money on your build.

I have been saying this for a long time. people finally catching on to Skunk2 parts. Only good part they make is their shift knob. lol.

For the same quality I get other Taiwan parts for half or a fraction of the price. If you going to pay that amount of money get a quality part from a reputable company.
The issues with the skunk2 cams were in the version 1 & 2 cams. The version 3 cams do not have those issues.

Please perform your research before posting
I did my research just informing people in case they did not know. If there is no checks on tolerances. It could happen easily again.

Just to be clear, too, do you mean skunk2 stage 3 version 3 camshafts? so many variations.
this guy!!!!!

F#ing hater!!
Why you being a troll? :wave: Can't we all get along?? lol.

But either way I was not hating, just letting the guy know.

I posted the link to the stuff about skunk2 chain slap on the day it blew up on the forums, when skunk2 offered a bounty for contact info on people slandering their company on forums.

A lot of us put a lot of time and money into our cars, wouldn't want to see mine or any fellow tuner car fail due to a faulty part.

or :umad: because you got tons of skunk2 stuff?

:eek:fftopic: to the OP I like to see a follow up update on feed back, because there is always 2 sides to a story. One saying problem is still there and other saying its been fixed and solved.
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