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Skunk2 Pro S Version 2 Coilovers - Best Deal on 8thcivic - #1 Stocking Dealer!!

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The Skunk2 Pro S Version 2 Full Coilover Suspensions are the hottest new product on the market. This Coilover System is on the shelf waiting for you to come by and pick it up or get it shipped out. For the price and quality, there isn't a system better period.

Want to know why there better and get more info on the Version 2 Pro S Kits? Click Here - Skunk2 Racing: Pro-S II Coilovers

Check out the Skunk2 Pro S Version 2 Video with more info by going here - Skunk2 Racing: Pro-S II Coilovers: The Video

Here are pictures of an actual kit and how it works

Skunk2 Part # 541-05-4750

Click Here to Order - http://importdpsonline.com/skunk2/skunk2_proseries_full_coilovers/541054750/i-389481.aspx

Use Coupon Code " SKUNK209 " for best pricing. Simply add the item to your shopping cart then use the promo code.

**** From the Skunk2 Thread ****

I took the liberty of opening our last set of Skunk2 Pro S V2's for the 2006-2010 Civic. Here are some snapshots of the actual system to help you get a better idea of how they work etc. We all have questions, so pictures will help us solve most of them.

Picture of the Rear Setup

Picture of a Front. As you can see it can be raised thru the bottom.

Rear Actual Coilover Sleeve

Rear Bottom Turns. So you can either raise or lower it at the coilover without dismantling it. OR if you want to raise the damper, you will have to remove the bolt to turn it and raise/lower it.

Picture of a Front. You can raise it thru the actual coilover, or thru the assembly.

Just send me a pm or go online for the pricing because trust me, you will not be disappointed. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. Cash Local Pickups are also welcome. Call me at 866-703-8794 or 215-227-6000 if you would like to order or need more info via phone.


Rick aka Allmotorfa5
Import DPS
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Never got a quote I asked for a week or so back. Price shipped to 06010+ingalls camber slider!!
Tuesday Bump. Feel's so good to be back home.
best price shipped to 32837?
never got a replied to my post
Code isn't active anymore, I guess can you PM me a price to 39759 when you get a chance good sir.

Also if its much cheaper to ship to a business for you then can you send me a price shipped to 39759. I can have stuff shipped to where I work (Advance Auto) if it makes it cheaper.
Backorder'd!!! Pro-C are available.
Currently backordered until the end of the month.
221 - 240 of 248 Posts
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