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Skunk2 cams

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has anyone installed the skunk2 cams yet? i am considering getting the
stage 1 cams. I dont want to do really do anything crazy or damage the engine in the long run so if figure that is a safe way to go without haveing to do any other major engine mods. i am hoping some one might have an idea of what gains can be expected or if some one has it installed what problems they might have ran into. any help would be appreciated...thanks in advance
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There isn't tuning available for the cams yet. Wait until k-pro comes out
according to Skunk2 website there is no tuning needed for stage 1....you can reset the computer and it will learn the new cams.
i wouldnt waist time with stage 1.when more tuning is avalible or is proven that a tune is not required for our engine i will get the stage 2!!!
Sorry if this is a super noob question or if it has already been discussed. Would tuning be possible with a set of cam gears? Do they exist? Or is all in the ECU?
whats the cam size skunk2 is offering and hp increase they are claiming?
they dont have any of the exact specs on their website. i think i read somewhere in another forum that the rsx-s got about 15 hp increase but i couldnt find a dyno graph.
The RSX-S was running K-pro. Trust me to maximize your power and correctly time your air/fuel ratio your going to need k-pro. I just went through this myself, so i'm holding on to my cams till Hondata gets it together!
thank you!:thumb: i guess ill just have to wait:(
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