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What's up all!! I have had my Skunk2 70mm for a few days now and i feel it is the best Exhaust for MY car/taste. I replaced a Vibrant Cat-back with the S2 70mm. I should have just gotten the Skunk2 70mm the first time. I had fallen for all the hype @ it being TOO Loud. It is def. not too loud. It really is only a little louder than my Vibrant was. Normal driving it is just fine. It sounds deeper at lower RPM and only slightly louder at Vtec and above. Sounds fantastic!!
For all those on the fence go ahead and get the Skunk2 70mm. If u actually want to hear the exhuast that is. If not just stay stock or go with something else. It is NOT that loud. Sounds better at any rpm than my Vibrant ( as far as my taste goes). Just wanted to say that, as one who thought it would be too much it really is not.
Exellent quality welds, finish etc, and sounds better to me.
Come on y'all be brave go for the Skunk2 you won't regret it!!
To each his own but it works for me.
Skunk2 FTW!!
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