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Ok Guys here's something I have not heard discussed before.

I am so tempted to order the wheels I want in a +35 offset since the +45 is not available,(backorder and I can't wait any longer due to getting snows off).

I know the +35 are going to stick out .8" farther than my stock wheels.

With the stock wheels on my LX coupe just driving down a dry road get's the sides and rear dirty.

I do not have Splash guards, don't like the way they look.

I am wondering who has wheels with a +35 offset who can tell me if they remember what difference it made on how much dirtier your car got switching from stock wheels (+45 OS) to the +35's.

Another concern would be stone ships flying up the side of the car as I got a chip the first week I had the car right in the middle of the drivers door from that very thing.

I have gone through pic after pic on here I could find with +35 offset wheels and comparing to my car with original wheels but from pictures it is hard to tell. I have also gone out and measured and while .8" does not seem like much these coupes seem to get real dirty from the wheels sticking out so much from stock to begin with.

Just want some real life thoughts on this before I order the +35's.

The set up I am thinking is 225/45/17 with 17x7.5 +35 offset.

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