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Now now i know this has been asked before but I am asking this from a diferent prespective....

so ok guys how have actually done this conversion please reply with your experience....

1. Is this a straight up swap...like do all the bolts line up on the knuckle side or do you have to struggle wiggle and force to make it happen???

2. What is the ride difference ...is it considerable or just a mild difference...does it handle much tighter on tight turns or whatever you can throw in???

3. Would you if given a chance have waited and bought an HFP kit instead...or r u happy with the SI set up???

oh BTW I have the SI sway bars installed alreday and am debating the SI v/s the HFP suspension...so kind a needed you feedback on this...

J :vtec:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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