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si specs here....

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who needs to wait for the announcement
i got em right here...

K20Z3 engine, 197 hp/139 lbs ft torque (under new SAE power ratings)
6-speed tranny with RSX Type-R's tochigi-fuji helical LSD and taller 6th gear to reduce cruising rpm (+ for gas mileage)
Same brakes as the RSX-S, with ABS and EBD
Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 tires 215/45-17's -optional summer tires-
( Pilot MXM4 is the standard tire)
2877 lb curb weight
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DeezV604 said:
well my guess is,
the rsx wont be made after 06...
i hear acura might get a euro version civic here in the states badged as a ACURA.
I got those specs from TOV.
and yes it is heavier then the current type s..
time for some carbon fiber...
Three-door euro civic = CRX???
twm3323gtx said:
Wonder what kind of hp improvements are noted on the current RSX-S, gains from aftermarket exhaust, turbo (if possible), intake systems...etc. are available to increase the std hp? The RSX-S folks should have alot of knowledge on enhancing this engine. Wonder who might be the guru on this issue. Looking at the potential of turning the new Si into a screamer.
Most of them can pull a 14.8 with just an intake, and exaust doesnt do much.
Not to mention that Kpro is not available yet for the K20Z series engine. Thats all i know, hope it helps.
02boostlessVIC said:
rsx-s does 14.8 stock with a good driver and good conditions now si has an advantage almost same hp only 40 lbs heavier but has a LSD i bet stock it will get into mid 14's if not lower :laughing:
Ive heard of a few do that, including Car & Driver ...
DeezV604 said:
but i hear they r gonna change the name to CSX, to fall along the lines of rsx,tsx,nsx,csx..
we'll see..
as far as where i got my hp and tq numbers from, i got it from tov, im not sure if they dynoed it, or if that was the specs they got from honda.. but ive seen it on numerous sites, so my bet is thats the actual specs...
so euro civic = USDM RSX replacement...
it better have more power than 200. Mabye a type r ?
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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