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marcSI said:
I have had this car since April and reported the problem to Honda w/i 1 hr of owning the car - to date, there is nothing that they can do. Whenever there is power going to the radio, there is a buzz type sound eminating from the speakers. It doesn't matter what I am listening to, as long as there is power - not even volume - you hear the buzz. Thus far, Honda has replaced the amp, the head unit and all wires - it is still there. Any one else with this? Up until now, all I owned were VW's, and I can say I have never had any problem like this and I am beginning to regret my decision---any ideas? Thanks

i doubt they replaced ALL the stereo system wires. i know everyone will holler bad ground here and it very well may be. if they truly changed out everything then it does not seem likely to track down the problem.

does it buzz when the engine is off? does it change volume or intensity with turning on your lights or accelerating?

run an additional ground from the battery to the car frame and also an additional ground from the altenator to the frame. 16 gauge is plenty.

send me $5 in the mail when it solves your problem. lol
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