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I want to upgrade my sound system, but want to keep it looking stock. Can I put the Premium Sound head unit (350 W) from an Si or EX coupe into my EX sedan? I am a noob at this stuff so please be as detailed as you can. If it fits...
1. What will I need to get for the swap? (just the head unit or will is there a seperate amp involved, etc.)
2. Will I still be able to connect the steering wheel controls and mini input jack? (thinking yes on the steering wheel controls since I know the Si has them, but don't know about the mini input jack)
3. Will the wiring harness just swap out or will I need to be splicing wires?

Please, be as detailed as you can. The more info the better. Please, don't suggest that I would be better off going with an aftermarket head unit....I know that is possible, but I want to keep the stock look of the dash AND maintain my steering wheel controls without an RF adapter.
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