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I'm looking into calipers to fancy up the exterior a bit, and I need some help figuring out what I need to install them. First and foremost:

1. What calipers are compatible with our Si?

The Brake Options thread lists the following for compatible brake pads and rotors:

Si Coupe Front (2.0) Brake Pads - FMSI# 829
Same as S2000(00-06) RSX-S(02-05)

Si Coupe Front Rotor Options (Same as RSX Type-S, 05-06 CRV)
Given that, I believe that any AP1 (00-05 S2000) and DC5 (02-05 RSX) calipers are compatible with the Civic Si. Am I right?

2. What parts do I need to install the calipers?

I don't want to replace my OEM brake pads, rotors, bolts, hats, etc. Do I only need brackets for caliper mounting, and the caliper itself?

Here is an assembly guide for Wilwood's RSX Dynalite Kit. Someone clarify what I would need plz :redface:

Thanks! :thumb:
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