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2010 Civic Coupe EX-L with 5 speed manual
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Hi Guys and Gals! I just purchased a 2010 Civic EX-L with a five speed manual that has 148,000 km on it (92500 miles). This is my first car and so far it has been a really fun car to drive especially as it is a manual. Since it is not an Si I just wanted to know what you guys thought on modding it. I don't want to set any nurburgring lap time records or anything. I just want it to be a fun daily that I can have a good time in. I was thinking something like an exhaust, wheels/tires, suspension and maybe an intake (any recommendations?). I would like to get some rims for it that are relitavly inexpensive but are good in quality. What would be your recomendations? Also, what do you all think on the Hondata Flashpro for the FG1? Is it worth the money? Should I even bother modding it and save up for a different car like and Si?

Thank You for your time

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