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Shift Selector Springs: Hybrid Racing vs Acuity vs Speed Factory vs MTEC

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Hi all! First post, couldn't find anything via the search so looking for some help with comparing the different shift selector springs. The issue I'm having is that my Atom has a supercharged K20Z3 in it and the shifter cables are made custom for the car and so is the shifter. The cables are routed from front to back vs the standard civic routing of back to front. This somewhat changes the shifter feel and makes the shift from 4th to 5th vague and sometimes I push the shifter too far to the right and get blocked out of fifth. I'm hoping to increase the lateral shifter resistance to help keep me from laterally overshooting the gate for fifth. There are quite a few options when it comes to selector springs so I was wondering if anyone has done a comparison of the different Springs. Thanks for the help!
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