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Main Item B/B1

Replace engine oil* and filter.
Rotate tires,** inspect for wear and adjust pressure
Service front and rear brakes.
Inspect parking brake adjustments.
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots.
Inspect suspension components.
Inspect driveshaft boots.
Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
Check all fluid levels, condition of fluids and check for leaks.
Inspect exhaust system.
Inspect fuel lines and connections.
I say just to the bolded red items at the stealership. The rest can be eyeballed by yourself if u know have some knowledge of where to look.

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canadians have higher prices because we are more wealthy and can afford to pay higher prices.


You forgot the ... :laughing:

I know I cringe everytime I go to Honda for servicing. Who can dole out $100 - $200 every couple of months, with a Mortgage, Car payments, Insurance, loans, food, fuel.

With my Job, the U.S. counterpart would be make 3x more than I, and that's starting. Housing is less expensive in a lot of places in the States too. Food is the same or even more, again depending on the region.

... that wasn't a nice thing to say, way to start a revolution! :laughing:

Should be...

Alot of canadian members have parents , we are more wealthy and they pay the prices.

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"service brakes"


I'm not a Honda technician.. maybe I'm missing something here, but you can spend just as much "servicing" your brakes as buying new rotors and pads once they have worn out and replacing them yourself. Sure you might get the extra few KMs out of the stock pads and rotors if you have them serviced but they suck anyways.. I don't really see the point if you have any inclination to work on/upgrade the components on your car.

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i rotate my tires myself... i go somewhere else to get my oil changes...

so i just need to get the brakes serviced... so basically, i don't need anything, just go get the oil changed.... WOOT! saving money ftw!
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