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As part of a major cleaning effort in my house my family and i are getting rid of alot of stuff that should have been taken care of a looong time ago. Aside from random garbage i have ALOT of lightly used toys (action figures, stuffed animals, hot wheels, etc.) from my and my brother's childhood as well as TONS of books; ranging from adult fiction, non fiction, hard cover and soft cover childrens books.

I was wondering if anyone knows in the Long Island area (Nassau County) if there are any places that would like these lightly used toys, but more importantly these books. I've contacted the public libraries i my area and all of them say they don't take book donations (which i think is complete crap). I feel bad throwing away these toys when i know i could literally make one area shelter have possibly the best christmas ever. Even worse i feel like a freaking Nazi throwing away these books, when there's absolutely nothing wrong with them.

I really can't afford to box up the books and ship them to good will places far away, but if anyone knows of a place on Long Island i can bring them to i would appreciate it b/c i have prob 5 big laundry baskets worth of books that should go to good use.

Thanks yo
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