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So you me and lou would always be the title :giggle:
fix your pc yet? :giggle:
Get a gigabyte or asus mainboard problem solved :giggle:
Why do the base of countershafts use roller bearings rather than ball bearings :think:
I stayed up all night and drove to frys to get there when they opened. I don't fawk around when I have that much money riding on parts, lawlz.
We don't have a frys electronics near me....are their prices actually as good/ better than newegg!?!?
to make ur life harder
ball bearings in a case are harder to pull, so actually they make it slightly easier...maybe thats why they use them in applications where the bearing is pressed into the case

may have answered my own question.
All the stuff I've bought recently has been on par with what I can get on newegg... newegg doesn't have the best prices on stuff anymore most of the time...
I have noticed new eggs pricing hasn't been amazing compared to other sites...especially for combo's tiger direct has been considerably better. Just curious if Fry's is about the same pricing wise since i haven't ever seen/been to one.
Do you remember what the sun looks like :giggle:

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I think i am going to stay off the site for a month when i hit 20k just to see what i can accomplish with my life!
*hits 20k* "ok so long guys"

10 minutes later....(like the anouncer that does it on spongebob)

"****! i had to reset another 3000 passwords today! mother****ing *****!"

Damn i feel like you just told the story of my life in 3 simple lines.
Do you remember what the sun looks like :giggle:
Okay mister I play Xbox on Saturday nights during NHL13 playoffs.
So when is the PA meet and greet! :D
Checked some pricing on tigerdirect -- the CPU is actually $50 more than newegg or frys. Frys used to suck with pricing a few years ago -- but when the internet sites put a smack down they've been price matching them hardcore.

Seems the only stuff most internet sites can beat frys on is the budget parts they buy in a ton of volume... all the high end stuff is cheaper at frys lol
That is honestly legit as **** that you have stores locally that sell the same components as newegg/ tiger direct. There is no store even a little like that near me. We have Alliance computers...if you have ever heard of them they are a joke... probably the best processor on the shelf they have is dual core...they order all their parts online...probably from newegg lol.

Can we just hurry up and get to 10 pages so I can just press "Last"?

I know I'm not alone here.
Your not alone :giggle: Even a 2nd page makes it nicer than clicking the title and scrolling haha

Which are better bearings? I assume ball?

But don't we have to press the ball bearings into the case? I just don't see why they would do it differently on the base model :think:

I would guess ball bearings are better honestly not really sure though, i suppose they are both good at what they do. What do you mean the "base model" almost every transmission i have seen, automatic, manual 5sps/6spds ect all use a roller bearing for the countershaft rather than a ball bearing.


Wow.. point taken. Won't feel bad about replacing it anymore!
:word: and it doesn't even look like the bumper is all that messed up, i know its for "slow" crashes but it bends like a pretzel
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lol i never heard of frys until today :hiding: i always thought newegg was the cheapest place around.

what about ebay :hiding:
I think frys only exist south and west of us.
Ok sorry I misunderstood your post. I thought you said the base shaft uses a roller bearing implying the type-s or si model uses a ball bearing. My bad!
Ahhhhhh now I see how you got that from what i originally said :giggle: no worries! :highfive:
man, u and andrew sure talk about shafts alot! :escaper:
I can tell you about my shaft if you want...i got good word that its straight at least! :biggrin:

Yep, just saw this finely dressed fellow getting out of a GTI.

Stereotypes FTW!

gotta mach your interior son!!!
Sorry, but what are racelands? :hiding:
cheap ass coils.
I can tell you about my cold, hard, and oily shaft all day :paper: :eyebrows:
i would love to hear about that!

said noone ever. except jess :hiding:
Jess says the same thing :snifflesniffle:
mis matched purple and blue out dated plaid clothing with nice $20 new balance wal marts shoes.
MANNNNNNNNNNNN, you need to step off...i just scooped up a new pair of kicks for 24 bucks at the mall....all i know is style

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