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So you me and lou would always be the title :giggle:
Aint that the truth lol
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:woowoo: got that rain light installed!!

Hello rain light
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i like it, howd you wire it in?
I just tapped my break lightw
sooooo i might finally bite the bullet and get a dvd navi jone..
and... i am gonna go back to stock pads..
i kept my stock pads when i changed it all over.. and they have A LOT of life left.. just a thought..
Kenwood DNX8120

what im looking at at the moment..
why that one? isnt it a 08 model?
yeah its old.. but the price is right.. he is asking $525 shipped for it.. for everything.. harnesses, double din, all that.. steering wheel controls.. yadda yadda..
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LouGraySI 11

looks like i am not gonna make top 3 this thread lol
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does it have the latest map update? if its still running 08 maps id get him to take a bit off the price
you right.. imma hit him up bout that too.. im really in it for the DVD aspect more than the navi aspect of it..
how often do you find yourself wanting the ability to play a dvd in the car? I just put stuff on a SD card and play from that, or the ipod
i want the DVD for my passengers.. mainly the wife if she wanted to watch a movie on long trips and things.. i mean theres no way i can watch it myself as i drive lol..
thats not a bad price either.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
on any unit youll have to do a bypass so you can put on DVDs and in some cases even mess with navi settings while in motion. Pioneer AVIC bypass is moving one wire on the harness, no idea about kenwoods process
yeah i heard.. imma have you or kev help me out tho lol..
if you get it while im around just let me know, ill come out and wire
when you going back out to Tech??
I guess i gotta start posting back up in the 8th forums again. sup yall!
this guy... :giggle:

how do you like the coupe compared to the sedan??
In b4 Hammad's hellaflushed static turbo build :hiding:
scurred him too.. :giggle:
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