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Mid-Atl Archive Of Lulz:

http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/mid-atlantic/231341-mid-atlantic-chat-thread.html] old thread 3












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Remember that bump beam chat? :hiding:
Wow.. point taken. Won't feel bad about replacing it anymore!

i think whoever the top 3 posters are in the previous thread should get a part in the title of the new thread lol
Lol that's fine. I said the title was open to change. Once we come up with a solid title I'll have Jay sticky it and change it.

dictator Matty made a weak ass thread tittle Mr. Vit. :giggle:
You having trouble reading again old man? My last post in the old thread said it's open to change. I just needed something so I could create the thread.

youll make it 2 days, then youll miss us

Can we just hurry up and get to 10 pages so I can just press "Last"?

I know I'm not alone here.
Roger that. I'm with you.
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looks like I need racelands now becuz too much booty in teh pants.

someone tell me not to :giggle:
Don't do it. They suck.

Yep, just saw this finely dressed fellow getting out of a GTI.

Stereotypes FTW!

Plaid on plaid on plaid on plaid. That's how they roll.

Sorry, but what are racelands? :hiding:
****-tier coils on par with Godspeed.
Thread title hellaweak. :thumbsdown:
Come up with a good one then homie! We'll change it.

Jess says the same thing :snifflesniffle:
God dammit Jessica.
MANNNNNNNNNNNN, you need to step off...i just scooped up a new pair of kicks for 24 bucks at the mall....all i know is style

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I just laughed so hard :highfive: :giggle:
We're even then cause I'm dying from the above :highfive:
Almost 200 posts already :iorun:
Steve and Ryan, have either of you heard of Eskimo CallBoy?
dont think so :think:
They're this German metalcore band that has been gaining popularity. They don't take anything seriously and just write music whatever way they want. Some of their **** is kind of crazy, but some of it is decent.

They just released this video, free download thanking their fans for the success of their first album:

Oh no, there is a point.
-ride quality
-custom spring rates

People who care about just slamming their car think about this **** also.

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People who slam their cars think? :think:
I wish I could change mine. Everyone thinks I'm a fanboi of the company OBX that makes really crappy parts.
That's exactly what it means sir :highfive:
Welcome to post whore central :haysmiley:
Probably gonna pre-order GTA 5. Anyone else going to?
:giggle: I had to straighten someone out on k20a for you.
Please see my response and proceed to lol.
What happens when lightning strikes sand:
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