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Mid-Atl Archive Of Lulz:

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Okay mister I play Xbox on Saturday nights during NHL13 playoffs.

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Hahaha deez streetz is ruff on Saturdays

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like buying someones s/c? lol
Bahahah :flame: got emm

He also passed on my full-race kit for a crackhead ass price

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Someone on the northeast 8th-gen Facebook page just wrote an entire review on his race lands and how there far better than anything he's had on his car before lolz :facepalm:

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those arent bad :shrug:

i stick to nike and dc mostly. but i also like another brand i forget the name. i think the cheapest pair of shoes i have is $80.

all i like is nice name brand stuff :fancybanana:
i avoid clothes at places like wal mart and target and stuff like the plague :giggle:


Don't wanna say any names....
But it was Evan Dooley

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Yeah. They think it's hellacool to hellabreak their oil pans on every hellahole in the road.

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Header rubbing the heat shield, idk if this was mentioned, I missed like 4 pages and dont feel like back tracking

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Lol my sister has an srt4

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:eek:hsnap: your sister has a faster car than you

Haha I'm just kidding Marty :bighug:

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Lol soxfan and vitviper teaming up on hondata. The Avengers of tuning lmao

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I just noticed obert isn't a mod on here anymore. :think:
Thank God!!
The reign of terror is over :beer:

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Who was the one who got banned for making the account ***bert? :rotfl:

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But driving around Philly for a day will reduce the life of my suspension by like 35 years.
Late to the party on this one, but that's not true at all lol I DD my car in center city

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yoar silly doe. compared to the roads he normally drives on, reducing life by 35 years by driving in Philly isn't that far of a stretch :giggle:
Maybe if he has skunk 2 coils :hiding:

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There's also a grommet on the left of the clutch pedal that run behind the fender and into the engine bay, very easy to run wires that way

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