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Yay 192 :dance:

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Do you remember what the sun looks like :giggle:

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Okay mister I play Xbox on Saturday nights during NHL13 playoffs.

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So when is the PA meet and greet! :D
When ever you want. :biggrin: we've been talking about doing something for a while in the Philly thread. But never happens. :sadbanana:

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Can we just hurry up and get to 10 pages so I can just press "Last"?

I know I'm not alone here.
Sure lol

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like buying someones s/c? lol
Haha got me. :sadbanana: you're still mad at me for that?

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no that is old news idc anymore, but had to make that joke.

:rotfl: true story
Touché understandable.

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Don't get me wrong, cheap coils have their purpose too.

If you're going to slam your car and run some type of ridiculous camber, you're not going to handle worth a damn any way, so there really is no point in buying expensive/quality coils.
Oh no, there is a point.
-ride quality
-custom spring rates

People who care about just slamming their car think about this **** also.

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dude.. Leinenkugel's summer shandy is my FAVORITE fruity beer..
Soooo good! Along with reds apple ale :hiding:

Other then that, ill take a 90minute.

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Red's didn't really do it for me. Shock Top makes a honey apple crisp that out does it by a mile.

I love the 90minute as well!
Mmm I'm going to have to try that shock top.

Any one ever have purple haze(beer)?

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MATTY!!! you seen Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain?!?!?!?!?!?!?

i saw it saturday night..
I got to see him do that live like last year :dance:

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i still wanna try that red apple ale..

i do like some angry orchard.. :hiding:
Forewarning be ready for the next morning sh!t. :rotfl:

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those are dope sauce.

WRC style jonts, right? like a flat faced regamaster.
They are fifteen52 wheels, don't see them ever on Hondas they are a euro wheel, and ken block has them lol :giggle:

But thank man

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I KNEW IT! lol that's where I remember them from..

definitely unique, I dig it.
:thumb: yeah I like them, still need to go lower to make them look 100% better.

Annnnnddddd the best part is they are 17x9+35 and my brembos clear them :biggrin:

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