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Hey All,

I've been posting mainly in the Northwest section but I thought I'd post some of the recent stuff in here where there seems to be some more interest.

I run a near identical car to everyone else running in SSB.
A 2007 Civic Si purchased off the dealership lot and converted to SSB spec with the cage, seat steering wheel and some minor mods like exhaust and tires.

A month ago I ran a Double National Race at Thunderhill Park in Willows, CA.
I am still in the process of tuning the suspension, but with the help of the guys from Team Honda Research (among them the 2008 National Champion Lee Niffennegger) I've slowly brought the car up to speed. Against the 2 Factory Honda race cars I placed 2nd the first day and 3rd the second day.

I also ran fast enough to set a new course record (although not fast enough to actually get *ahead* of the factory guys)
Thunderhill Course Record lap

This weekend I ran a National Race at Portland International Raceway. Despite some handicaps I qualified almost 2 full seconds faster than the course record and came home with a 1st place finish putting me solidly up front as the points leader for the Northern Pacific Division.

PIR Practice session
(ignore the mad tite JDM music...its a bit of a joke)

Next race will be May 23-24 at Pacific Raceways where I will be back up against former Speed World Challenge and IMSA Supercar Pro driver Lance Stewart.
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