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I was skeptical at first, Axl being the only original member left (besides Dizzy Reed)....I mean come one, what is Guns and Roses with out Slash?? I looked at it as a reason to go drink and tailgate with my friends and have some fun....but I was wrong...

Papa Roach opened up for GnR which was good...They played mostly old songs, thank god....then like an hour later GnR was up and I have to say, they did kick ass! Im not even a big fan of them, like everyone else, I like their "big" songs....but man, they put on one hell of a show! I mean, they were dead on with every song....

I was unaware but Robin Finck took the place of Slash (he was lead guitar for NIN) and he ******* owned! I mean Slash is good, but Robin was great!

They also played for a long time too which was surpring. I didn't get home until 4am.
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