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I was looking at the SEMA website and found this part that may be of interest to those who want to modify their cars in some way. You can click on your state or Canadian province to see what legislation is pending or has been resolved. It also mentions representatives that can be contacted who are sympathetic to hot rodding and modifying of cars.

There is also a great section on manufacturer warranties and how they will impact enthusiasts who want to mod their cars. Check it out:


Here is a portion of the warranty section:

Consumers Bill of Rights

Your Rights to Personalize Your Vehicle

ARTICLE ONE:You have the Right to buy high-quality, reliable aftermarket performance and specialty parts, accessories and styling options.

ARTICLE TWO:You have the Right to use high-quality aftermarket parts and know that your new car warranty claims will be honored. In fact, your vehicle dealer may not reject a warranty claim simply because an aftermarket product is present. A warranty denial under such circumstances may be proper only if an aftermarket part caused the failure being claimed.

ARTICLE THREE:You have the Right to install and use emissions-legal aftermarket performance parts without incurring hassles and onerous procedures during state vehicle emissions inspections.

ARTICLE FOUR:You have the Right to actively oppose any proposed (or existing) laws or regulations that will reduce your freedom to use aftermarket automotive parts and service or will curtail your ability to take part in the automotive hobbies of your choice.

ARTICLE FIVE:You have the Right to patronize independent retail stores and shops for vehicle parts and service. The U.S. aftermarket offers the world's finest selection of performance and specialty parts, accessories and styling options. These aftermarket products satisfy the most discriminating customers seeking personalized vehicles for today's lifestyle.

The foregoing message is brought to you by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). If you would like our guidelines on what to do if your new car warranty is denied, check out the Warranty Denied? section of our web site.
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