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I live in SD and just wanted to know if anyone locally is interested in buying my modded dcrh. I have a thread up in the market forum, but i just wanted to let fellow 619/858ers know about this sale.

Here's what the post says:

Hey all. I'm upgrading to Vibrant or Buddy Club, so I've got to sell my current DC Sports Race Header.

4-2-1 design for balance between high performance and noise. Ceramic coated :thumb:. DC Sports claims ~12-14 hp gain from his VERY easy bolt-on. My opinion: great bang for the buck.

The flex pipe (see photos below) has been reinforced, elongated, and welded by a professional to ensure that cracking does not occur. We all know that DC Sports headers tend to crack or leak, and so the problem is fixed with this particular header. PM me for more information about the flex pipe.

This DCRH will fit all 8th gen Si's. Uses stock gaskets and bolts. Header is relatively new. Corsport sells this for $360. Shipping is ~$20.

Until January 7, I can deliver to particular SoCal locations (619/858/949 Area Codes). Otherwise, we can arrange a pick-up. Price: $300 delivered. $290 local pick-up.

PM me for more information.

If not sold by January 7, header will be up for grabs anywhere in the US for $310. Again, PM me if interested.

Pictures!! :biggrin:

^Clean and in lightly-used condition

^Sorry about the red scratches. I have a Rallye Red Si.

^No leaks in the welds

^The header will be protected by bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.

Thanks everyone!
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