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This is a sweet deal and a blessing in disguise. Take the money, buy back the car and repair it yourself with aftermarket parts from rockauto.com or with used parts from picknpull.com. My Civic has been salvaged twice and both times I took the insurance money and bought back the car.

The first time I was driving on the highway when a large leaf spring hit the front of my car and destroyed the a/c condenser, radiator, radiator fans, and a/c compressor. Luckly the bumper survived with minimal damage as the leaf spring entered the engine bay through the lower vent opening. Insurance payout was $4600 and it cost me a little over $500 to repair it myself with aftermarket parts.

The second time someone rearended my civic and destroyed the rear bumper and passenger side taillight. This was a hit and run and I couldn't catch the driver as he sped off. Insurance payout was $3500. It took me some time to find a decent bumper at picknpull. Replaced with used bumper and taillight for around $100.

Another payout I received was from the Takata airbag recall that was around $1500.

If you enjoy working on cars this will be a fun project. Based on the pictures you posted this can easily be repaired, it might not look perfect after the repairs but who cares? I think the hardest part will be finding a silver front/rear bumper in decent condition. After the repairs it will still get you from point A to point B in an economical fashion. However you must enjoy working on cars, make time to order parts, and go on treasure hunts to the junkyard.

My Civic has 465,000 miles, runs strong, and is my daily commute car.

One caveat ... The 2006 to 2009 civic engines were recalled for a manufacturing defect where the engine block cracked and coolant would mix with engine oil. This engine defect was corrected by 2010 but earlier years are at risk.

How do I know this? Mine cracked at 288,000 miles and was out the 10 year warranty period Honda had extended to all civic owners. I ended up ordering a 2011 engine and transmission from a wrecking yard in Ohio, cost me around $1300, and I installed it myself.

Stay calm and Honda on.
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