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If the insurance company totals it and gives you $5300, and if you can then also buy your wrecked car back for $231, I'd do BOTH. Even having it towed to your driveway would be worth the expense.Then I would buy another Civic EX Sedan, with less miles on it even. Take your time. Plenty of them out there and many were well maintained by older folks. Put the newly purchased car next to your "totaled out" one, and then swap out all the better stuff and your good stuff. Then put the wrecked one on Craigslist for sale AS-IS and get whatever you can for the WHOLE car. Don't even bother with parting it out. You will definitely get more than $231 for it, and you will drive away with your newly bought one, and with all the stuff you listed in your introduction of this post. I bet a Pick-N-Pull yard would give you the $231 back and come and get it even.
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