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Something similar happened to me last summer, tree branch fell in front of me while driving at 45 mph, hit it and smashed my radiator, condenser, A/C tube, bent the rad support, had to get new fog lights, new electric fans, etc. All told, it cost me less than $500 in parts and did it myself (not including going to an Indy shop and getting the A/C filled). I never called the insurance b/c I knew the repair bill would be very high. Like you, the frame was fine. Then a couple of months later, I find my rear calipers were toast. I was quoted something like $1200 per caliper (pads/rotors too). Stupid right? I went to RockAuto and got the good (2) calipers/rotors/pads for about $150. I can't imagine how much Honda would want to do the job. My rig has 349,500 miles on the clock and runs excellent. I'm no mechanic and do all the maintenance myself. Sorry for the long post, but I point is, these cars are easy to work on and last forever (so long as you take car of them). Good luck

link to what happened:
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