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Salvage or part out advice???

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I'm the original owner of a 2008 Civic EX sedan. I recently gave it to my 17yo daughter and she was rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle. Car was totaled out via insurance. I'm planning on purchasing the car back from insurance. The car has 220K miles. It ran perfectly and everything worked perfectly
. 2-3 months ago put on new Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires ($700), brand new KYB strut assemblies & rear shocks (~$400), new lights and leds (~$200), new Joying 10.1" Apple car play/Android Auto head unit ($500), etc. The car still runs fine after the accident but the front and rear are smashed up pretty good. Does not appear to be any frame damage and it still drives straight. Obviously needs front and rear covers, new radiator, probably a condenser, front lights, and truck lid. Anyone have opinions on if it's best to sell the complete salvaged car, part it out, etc. I feel I could fix it pretty cheaply but just don't have the personal time right now. Any idea what I should ask for the complete salvaged car? Any feedback is welcomed.

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What's the buyout price from the insurance company? It doesn't look too bad. The condenser and radiator are bad? Doesn't seem like they would be.

You could probably get it going for cheap and have a nice beater.
What's the buyout price from the insurance company? It doesn't look too bad. The condenser and radiator are bad? Doesn't seem like they would be.

You could probably get it going for cheap and have a nice beater.
Radiator is leaking? Condenser has a kink in it. Insurance valued the car at $5300. I can buy it back for $231. I’m getting killed on the value because of the mileage. Repair estimate was $6700. I think someone can fix it much cheaper than that. Parts don’t seem that expensive.
If insurance will give you $5300 take it and run.. I'll sell you my 2008 Civic EX Coupe, 130K miles, runs and drives great, cold ac.. never been hit. $4000.00 you pick up in South Florida.
Yeah take it

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For $231 definitely buy it back.
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Lol it will cost 7k to fix that if you don’t actually find more hidden damage over time. Yea I would just take all the money and get something else or hold on to it. You can buy another ex civic with lesser miles for that money if you cared.
For $231 you would give away $1100 in brand new tires and suspension??
Take the insurance money. Part outs can be a pain...you might be holding on to those items for a very long time.
Same thing happened to my daughter. She was rear ended and of course the party responsible had no insurance. Fortunately I had uninsured motorists coverage. Insurance totaled the still drivable vehicle. I negotiated with my insurance company on what it would cost for me to buy a similar vehicle and ended up getting slightly over 7K. I then bought the vehicle back from my insurance company for a touch over $200. Then advertised and sold it complete no part out on Craigslist for 3K . Long story short I ended up pocketing roughly 10K.
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Buy it back for $231, fix it yourself if you have time and skills, or craigslist / facebook marketplace it for a profit.

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Cheap heat gun and a little pressure rear bumper will look better. Mr Clean Magic Eraser Pad will work wonders on that bumper too. Zip ties to get the grill looking presentable.

Myself at 16, I and both my brothers customized/ dented our 1st cars in not too much time. Hope your daughter doesn't but it is a real possibility.
Something similar happened to me last summer, tree branch fell in front of me while driving at 45 mph, hit it and smashed my radiator, condenser, A/C tube, bent the rad support, had to get new fog lights, new electric fans, etc. All told, it cost me less than $500 in parts and did it myself (not including going to an Indy shop and getting the A/C filled). I never called the insurance b/c I knew the repair bill would be very high. Like you, the frame was fine. Then a couple of months later, I find my rear calipers were toast. I was quoted something like $1200 per caliper (pads/rotors too). Stupid right? I went to RockAuto and got the good (2) calipers/rotors/pads for about $150. I can't imagine how much Honda would want to do the job. My rig has 349,500 miles on the clock and runs excellent. I'm no mechanic and do all the maintenance myself. Sorry for the long post, but I point is, these cars are easy to work on and last forever (so long as you take car of them). Good luck

link to what happened:
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I feel for you man - my kid totaled the '09 I gave him after about 4 months of use. We got our money back from the insurance but replacing the car was an absolute PITA.
If the insurance company totals it and gives you $5300, and if you can then also buy your wrecked car back for $231, I'd do BOTH. Even having it towed to your driveway would be worth the expense.Then I would buy another Civic EX Sedan, with less miles on it even. Take your time. Plenty of them out there and many were well maintained by older folks. Put the newly purchased car next to your "totaled out" one, and then swap out all the better stuff and your good stuff. Then put the wrecked one on Craigslist for sale AS-IS and get whatever you can for the WHOLE car. Don't even bother with parting it out. You will definitely get more than $231 for it, and you will drive away with your newly bought one, and with all the stuff you listed in your introduction of this post. I bet a Pick-N-Pull yard would give you the $231 back and come and get it even.
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This is a sweet deal and a blessing in disguise. Take the money, buy back the car and repair it yourself with aftermarket parts from rockauto.com or with used parts from picknpull.com. My Civic has been salvaged twice and both times I took the insurance money and bought back the car.

The first time I was driving on the highway when a large leaf spring hit the front of my car and destroyed the a/c condenser, radiator, radiator fans, and a/c compressor. Luckly the bumper survived with minimal damage as the leaf spring entered the engine bay through the lower vent opening. Insurance payout was $4600 and it cost me a little over $500 to repair it myself with aftermarket parts.

The second time someone rearended my civic and destroyed the rear bumper and passenger side taillight. This was a hit and run and I couldn't catch the driver as he sped off. Insurance payout was $3500. It took me some time to find a decent bumper at picknpull. Replaced with used bumper and taillight for around $100.

Another payout I received was from the Takata airbag recall that was around $1500.

If you enjoy working on cars this will be a fun project. Based on the pictures you posted this can easily be repaired, it might not look perfect after the repairs but who cares? I think the hardest part will be finding a silver front/rear bumper in decent condition. After the repairs it will still get you from point A to point B in an economical fashion. However you must enjoy working on cars, make time to order parts, and go on treasure hunts to the junkyard.

My Civic has 465,000 miles, runs strong, and is my daily commute car.

One caveat ... The 2006 to 2009 civic engines were recalled for a manufacturing defect where the engine block cracked and coolant would mix with engine oil. This engine defect was corrected by 2010 but earlier years are at risk.

How do I know this? Mine cracked at 288,000 miles and was out the 10 year warranty period Honda had extended to all civic owners. I ended up ordering a 2011 engine and transmission from a wrecking yard in Ohio, cost me around $1300, and I installed it myself.

Stay calm and Honda on.
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It is better to disassemble it into parts and sell them
Take the money from the insurance and buy it back. Buy replacement headlight and radiator just to get it back on the road. Your daughter is 17 and a newer, likely unexperienced driver so probability of more exterior cosmetic damage is likely. Plus have you seen the car prices lately?
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