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Are these part number helpfull to you ?

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RRC Part Numbers

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OK here are some RRC part numbers if interested.

searched for these a while ago online and saved the photos for reference if I ever needed them.


piston rings

head gasket

anyone else have any post them, pics are welcome.

13810-RRC-003 Crank pulley
13030-RRC-000 Pistons 0.25 oversize
17100-RRC-000 Intake manifold
12100-RSP-000 Bare head assy.
10003-RSP-000 Complete head assy.
22100-PRC-003 Flywheel
23221-PPS-F80 Counter shaft
41233-PPS-F80 Ring gear
11200-RRC-000 Oil pan
06110-RRC-000 Top end gasket kit

That's all i got for now
15100-RRC-003 Oil pump
13450-RRC-004 Oil pump chain tensioner
23521-PPS-305 1st-2nd Synchro sleeve set
12310-RSP-000 Valve cover
Too lazy to post non-performance enhancing parts ;) part numbers can be found here
Super GT Limited - Online Shop
41200-PNT-003 LSD, this I'm not 100% sure on though, but if the dc5 and fd2 use the same it should be right. BTW this is what comes in fg2/fa5's stock
m shake ftw ?

Right ouside tail 33501-SNW-003
Right inside tail 34151-SNW-J51
Left oustide tail 33551-SNW-J51
Left inside tail 34156-SNW-J51

I think a lot of parts have been posted already. here are some i haven't seen posted yet.

14110-PRC-020 - Intake Cam
14120-PRC-020 - Exhaust Cam
11000-RRB-800 - Cylinder Block
30530-PRC-003 - Knock Sensor

42700-SNW-Z91ZA - Wheel (White)
42700-XXA-875B-60 - Mugen GP (Bronze)
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But you know that this is the same part # as the US counterpart :shrug:

Anything else..? :coffee:
crap... haha
So will the FD2R pistons and rings work with the K20Z3?

I might be interest in those parts someday down the road.
Yes theyll work. You need standard size for simple swap, .25 over will need machining obviously.
So you'll pretty much need some machinings to use the FD2R pistons on our K20Z3 right since its .25 oversize.
If you get oversized pistons sure you need machine work done.
part number for .25 over bore rings, how about part number for wrist pins or do Z3 pins work?
Front emblem : 12.3cm*10.1c (4inches*4.75inches aprox).
Rear Emblem : has to be curved to fit the trunk shape.

SWITCH. Part number: 35885-SNW-J01

GARNISH. Part number:35886-SNW-J01

push start
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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