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anyone have pics of this on an 8th?? if so pics please even if it is not rpf1's.. curious to see what this size/offset looks like or if it even works.

Thanks :pics:
They will essentially look like this: Link

Anything under 9" for RPF1's will not concave (while 9" only slightly does) but will slightly "bubble" looking similar to 8" RPF1's. Otherwise, for your "fitment" question -- you will have no problems fitting that. Even if you drop it, you really won't have too many issues since I ran 17x9 +35 RPF1's with 235/40's on Skunk2 Pro-S @ 10 threads front and bottom of perch in the back and rubbed only on large bumps.

I would personally recommend 215/40's if you're going to dump or 235/40's if you're thinking of springs or a minor drop. Rear camber arms along with rolling your rear fenders would help in case you decide to dump and need to clear some tires but I've seen 17x9 +2?'s with 205/40's clear without any rolling in the rear and tucking tires.

Hope it helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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