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About a year ago I replaced both of my rear brakes, both pads and rotors. I noticed that both calipers were fairly hard to retract all the way back in, but after I put everything all back together it seemed to work fine. About a few months ago I walked by the right rear tire after driving and noticed that there was a faint smell and there was lots of heat emanating from them. I figured that the caliper sticking actually did ultimately matter as it probably wasn't probably retracting and was stuck and forcing the pads against the rotor. So I bought an entirely new caliper assembly and installed it, and kept on my fairly new rotor and pads (though now the pads are kinda worn as they got much more use than they should have). After installing and bleeding all 4 brakes, I noticed that even with all the new hardware, the right rear still didn't rotate as freely as the left rear brakes did, even with all the new hardware. It didn't bother me too much at the time.

Fast forward to last week and the same thing started happening, but it got so bad that as I was driving the right rear brakes were compressed so much that the car could barely move after stopping at a red light. I had to park on the side of the road and get towed back to my house the next day. I've confirmed that it's not the parking brake, as it engages and releases without issue. It's also not the wheel bearing, as after I just took off the caliper the wheel spins freely without issues forwards and backwards. I've just re-bled that brake on the off chance that air was causing the issue and that doesn't seem to be it.

A few hours ago I raised the rear of the car and rotated back in the RR caliper (which was quite easy), put the brakes back on and then just pumped the the brakes a bunch. After doing this the RL tire spins relatively freely, but the RR is sticking again, even with all the new hardware.

Anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!
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