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:police:Dec. 15 at 6PM.:SHOCKED:

Rick is throwing a dinner w his 8th gen fam, and would love to have everyone but unfortunately only has room for the limited few. I will add the names off ricks list that already confirmed + what they are bringing.
RICK: Baked Mac N Cheese
1. Jay3151:
2. CrackThatTec45: Sweet Potatoes
3. Mrs. CrackThatTec45: Infamous Cake w/ a Special surprise
4. Mo: potato salad
5. Nuno: lasagna
6. Jonathan:
7. Mike - type x: Pasta
8. Oriol: tortillas
9. Ken - GeezerSi:
10.SIbill29: appetizers
11.Kurt: Jerked Chicken
15.Shawn: Shrimp???

when you decide what u bringin please post. See u guys there.:dancing::thumb:

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1. Jay3151
2. Mr. CrackThatTec45: Sweet Potatoes, *Looking Into Deep Frier for Turkey*
3. Mrs CrackThatTec45: Infamous Cake w/ a Special surprise
4. Mo
5. Nuno
6. Jonathan
7. Mike- type x
8. Oriol
9. Ken -GeezerSi
10.SIbill29: appetizers
11. Kurt: Jerked Chicken
12. Joey
13. ayenoc
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