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Hello, I own a k24a2 swapped turbo Honda CR-Z.

Recently i converted my returnless fuel system to return fuel system and came across some things which are not mentioned on internet. So i am posting it here so may be someone can benefit with it.
For some reason i am unable to upload picstures. So i am reffering to my build thread over CRZ forum
Main issue was,we tried to disable the internal FPR but still the fuel pressure was not raising and in boost it went lean and injectors were 100% duy cylce at 1 bar.
its a GTX 3582, FIC 100 injectors,AEM 310 LPH fuel pump.
The fuel system build starts at end of page 5 and completes at page 6
Page 5
Page 6

The purpose is that only disabling build in FPR is not enough.You need to bypass whole OEM fuel pump assbemly pumping area. You will understand what i am saying once you go through page 6
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