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Did a lot of driving today.... These are just first impressions of the new setup on my car.

First off, the install is a lot easier than it seems, once you get to see all the pieces out on the table, it makes a lot more sense what you need to do. This is the 4th header brand I've installed on an 8th gen.

Strup RH
Vibrant RH w/ FHC
Buddy Club RH
Skunk2 RH

Out of the 4.. i think the Strup was the lightest out of the group.. it also had the smallest primaries. The Strup was also the shortest out of the group. Vibrant had the closest in length to the stock setup i believe. Though it still banged underneath but that was due to my s2 70mm piping. I think the BCRH and S2 are simliar in length as both pushed back my exhaust piping a little bit. The s2 header is pretty heavy compared to the others.

Install:4hours roughly
Taking out the BCRH was a breeze. took about an hour to get it completely off of the car. Being that I've done this certain job more than 5 times already and lately thats all i've been doing so everything is fresh in my mind. Though the time elasped isnt fair either because I changed my oil and MTF as well once the BCRH was out of the way. First thing I did was unplug the primary o2 sensor and extended the wires. After that was done, it was time to do the dreaded install of this massive header.

Seeing how easily the BCRH came out like hot dog in a hallway, i knew the s2 header was gonna be a challenge. The first challenge is always getting the flange past the brackets and the wiring but that was easy. Once I got to the piping I ran into a little snag, I knew it would go in but the exhaust piping was in the way of where I need to left up at the end of the header. But I was able to get it in after a few tries :thumb: The harder part was trying to hold up the header with one hand and thread a bolt so that it would hold up there since the hangers on the header are pretty much pointless lol.

I did NOT drop the subframe

The adapter goes on pretty easily.. just attach it to the exhaust piping FIRST.Then attach it to the header.

I did go to an exhaust shop later to get the bung welded in.

Intial Reactions:
First start up :drooling: It was loud obviously, cold start but thats expected. I rev it a few times in place to make sure everything is bolted down correctly before i went for a drive.

My car sounds completely different. Its crazy.. it growls and rumbles under light load from stop to like 4k. :D

High RPMS:
Its louder than the BCRH + s2 70mm setup i had. Its still deeper though but louder at the same time.

Butt Dyno:
Immediately I can feel the torque difference. First time out.. I broke traction in 1st. :D I'm on Goodyear F1 A/S tires btw..... with the ingalls powerstick.

The header does not bang at all on anything... :thumb:

I do have a CEL though.. i think i screwed up on the wiring but I will redo it again friday. This header is badass.. i should have went with it to begin with before buying the BCRH.

:thumb: :thumb: for an awesome product.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM or ask here
whats fhc? 4 hours wtf?
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