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Recent Odometer Check

After 127k miles, shes still one of the sickest little bitches on the road. :D

Mod List

Skunk2 Megapower Header :lildevil:
Sold: Buddy Club Exhaust Manifold
Sold: Vibrant Race Header w/ Hi Flow Cat
Skunk2 Megapower R Cat-Back Exhaust
Injen CAI Polished w/ HydroShield
Ingalls Power Stick
P2R Intake Manifold Gasket w/ King Motorsports Extended Intake Manifold Studs
P2R Throttle Body Spacer
P2R Throttle Body Gasket
TB Coolant Bypass
Optima Red Top 34R
NRG Ground Kit
Skunk2 Magnetic Oil Plug

Racecoated: Powdercoated Wrinkle Black Valve Cover
Skunk2 Limited Edition Flat Black Oil Cap
Skunk2 Reservoir Cover
Piranha Plant Reservoir Cover

Exedy OEM Clutch
F1 Racing Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel 10lbs
Comptech STS
TWM Base Shifter Bushings
Corsport Shifter Linkage Bushings
Skunk2 Magnetic Transmission Plug

Wheels & Rubbers:
RSX-S Wheels w/ Authentic EP3R center caps
Goodyear F1 A/S 215/45-17

Progress 22m Rear Sway Bar
Skunk2 Sport Shocks
Skunk2 Lowering Springs
Ingalls Front Camber Bolts (Set at -1.3 camber)
Skunk2 Gold Camber Arms (Set at -1.0 camber)

Hawk HPS Street Pads Front and Rear
Goodridge SS Brake Lines w/ ATE Super Blue Dot4 Brake Fluid

Customlightz Quad Retro ( TSX low beam w/ MDX shroud, MDX high beam w/ MDX shroud) 5000k Bulbs
Oem Honda Fogs w/ 3000k HID
Honda Factory Performance Lip Kit
Custom Full Nighthawk Black Pearl Upper/Lower Grille w/ NBP Si Emblem
35% Tint all around
Chrome Front Turn Signals
Chrome Tail Turn Signals
Superbrightled.com WLED x-HP White License Plate Bulbs
Injen License Plate Frame
weksos industries plate frame
Debadged Civic Emblem
Debadged I-Vtec Stickers
Front and Rear JDM Emblem w/ GRFXP Black and Chrome Overlays
StrutKing License Plate Relocater
Panda-----> Pedobear

ITR Shift Boot
Philippines Flag :) {broken due to too much v-tec}
Matching Si Dead Pedal
Wrinkle Black Door Sills w/Red Si
Skunk2 Shift Knob 10th Anniversary Edition
Folding Trunk Matt
OEM HONDA Trunk Tray
OEM HONDA All Season Mats
Broadway 270mm Rear View Mirror

Current Plans
Well I'm 1/3 of the way thru my build.

I know exactly what I need to buy. I won't reveal what my plans are until later. Lots of new stuff will be going in. I think I'll have to have flashpro before I'm done in order to tune it.

Teaser build list
Build List
Competition Clutch Stg ????
Brand new front rotors/ Hawk HPS Pads
s2 megapower header [I sold my old one to fbfg]
??????????? pistons 11.5:1
??????????? connecting rods
k2???? purchased
Password JDM IMG purchased
timing chain
oil pump chain
????? headgasket
timing chain cover
????? headstuds

Future Plans
TBD :popcornbig:

Coming Soon
Powdercoated ??????????????? Intake Manifold
Powdercoated ??????????????? Valve Cover
Customlightz Blazer Retro Fogs :giggle:
Brian Crower ????????? ?????????? ?????????
17x8.5 30mm ??????????????

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New ideas flowing thru my mind already :D

Might be purchasing a new set of wheels this week. Only a few know what I'm looking at. :rotfl: If you guys know me... it will be meshie :lildevil: Already have an idea of what color I want if I get another custom powdercoated valve cover as well.

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how is the sway bar?
It was a nice upgrade. It was so long ago though that I've forgotten what a si feels like without it though.

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drive mine.......
speed will offset the feeling lmfao.. :vtec: oh lawd

lol sounds like someone has a lot of time on there hands..
Nope.. actually my car is used a lot for work. Otherwise I wouldn't have no where near as many miles.

Well... went on a whim this morning and decided that I'm going to put off the wheels for now. Something is coming this week though. :lildevil:

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surprise ruined.. wish i had known that the header i ordered was coming direct from the manufacturer.

won't be here until beginning to middle of next week.

also ordered:
ingalls power stick
replacement bushings for skunk2 camber arms
weksos plates lol..

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got any more pics? i love RSX wheels spinnin'!
Thanks, as of now. I haven't had the chance to do a proper photoshoot with the type-s wheels. It will happen in due time though. Hopefully I can save up to get the set of wheels I want in the near future.

oh damn. lol my bad. I thought u was the 1 that sold me the OEM clutch.
nah. lol...

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Oh yeah, well your mamma is soooo....


I got some minor N/A plans. :giggle:
oh trust me.. i do too ;).. but first things first... time to revert back to sexiness lol
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