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Replacing your axles... (when your CV joint fails)

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Alright. I had my inner passenger side CV explode it's grease all over the place so I ordered axles for both sides of my 08 FA5 (260k miles).

This video helped a ton:

The only thing it really missed was for the wheel speed sensor, you can remove the clip on the strut AND the clip and guide on the body to get more than enough length to let the knuckle hang by the LCA. Other than that, it's pretty cut and dry and REALLY easy to do as long as you can get some clearance to leverage the axles out of the trans and out of intermediate shaft.

For axle you'll need a 36mm socket. (I just used a 3' breaker bar and they came loose pretty easily.)

Strut bolts/nuts:
17mm socket
19mm socket

Brake line strut mount:
12mm socket
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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