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Replace rear spring seats?

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I recently had the rear shocks replaced and I requested the mechanic to replace the rear spring seats, but he didn’t. Can anyone tell me if they really need attention? The driver side looks good, but the passenger side has minor cracks probably caused by stress from a blown shock that is now replaced. If it’s still usable, I could just use some type of rubber rejuvenator.

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Are those pictures from before the shocks were replaced? That rubber looks fine to me. I wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah... before the shocks were replaced. I'm just reusing pictures I posted recently. I'm taking the car to the dealer tomorrow for an alignment and I'm going to run it by him too. I'm just on a mission to make sure I don't have any surprises with the car in the near future. I am still annoyed with the mechanic that replaced the shocks, struts and balls joints not replacing those rear spring seats when I asked him. I bought a set ahead of time to be replaced knowing that the suspension would be torn down anyway, but I don't want to have to spend the money on labor a second time just to replace them.... he told me after the fact that "it's a separate job"... I thought to myself "do you think I'm that stupid, young man?". I don't know everything, which is why I post questions on here, but he could have easily replaced them without it being a monumental task.
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Eh, mine is like that and I don't stress about it. I would only be worried if the spring is contacting the bare metal due to a torn seat.
I'm trying not to stress about it, but being that I'm in full storation mode on this car, have the money to get it done instead of buying a new car and don't want to have to concern myself about it for a while, I really expect nothing to be half-assed. So when I run into people doing the work trying to come up with excuses, just ticks me off.

Meanwhile, I'll see what the technician at the dealer says tomorrow. If he says it should be changed, I'll be giving the shop that did the suspension work a call. If he says it should be fine, I'll just let it go... at least for now.
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Are you taking about the cone at the bottom that is missing partially on one side?
It’s the rubber seat that the spring rests on against the trailing arm. The one on the passenger side was questionable.

I took the car to the dealership to get an alignment this past weekend and talked with the technician and he felt that there wasn’t any concerns about it.

I’ll apply some AT-205 to it as well as the other rubber suspension and steering bushings to help keep them from dry rotting completely and help keep them pliable.
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