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I'm wondering if Rejex (http://www.corrosionx.com/rejex.html) which says "RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. RejeX is not meant to be used on porous surfaces, highly oxidized painted surfaces, or to fill fine scratches" could be used on 8th Gen Civics' paint without ruining them? Are our civics' paint porous or highly oxidized?

(PS it contains petroleum distillates...I don't know if this will ruin the civic's paint too)


Turtle Wax Wet n Black Tire Shine - "Contains a blend of silicon polymers that penetrate the tire rubber to lock in a blazing shine that will not spin-off onto your vehicle's body panels. The Turtle Wax Wet n' Black Tire Shine also contains UV inhibitors to help prevent drying and cracking from the sun's harmful rays and help maintain a long-lasting, deep black color and shine that can last for weeks!"

... Good or Bad on Tires?! I heard petroleum distillates can ruin rubber tires. The bottle of Turtle Wax Wet n Black didn't say anything about petroleum distillates, only silicon polymers (which I don't know if it's good for tires or no).

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