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RedlineGoods GROUP BUY - Join now and SAVE UP TO 50% !!!

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Guys and girls

Before the spring starts and our rides get back on roads more shiny than ever before I have something special for You to Take Pride In Your Ride:

Join our GROUP BUY and SAVE UP TO 50%!!!

The conditions couldn't be more simple:

  • Initial discount: 10%
  • Each person joining GroupBuy adds 1% of discount
  • Maximum GB discount: 25%
  • Minimum number of members for a GB to be valid: 10
  • Time to join: until Sunday, Feb. 16th
  • Time to place your GB order: until Sunday, Feb. 23rd

Join by replying in this thread stating your nickname and products you desire. Yes, it's THAT SIMPLE :)

Take care
RedlineGoods Team
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Wish I would have saw this sooner. I am interested in getting some pieces from you. Will you be doing another one of these? It doesn't seem like many people are interested tho. I have a buddy that is also.
Write me what you are interested in and I'll definitely get you a decent offer :)

Take care

RedlineGoods Team
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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