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RedlineGoods GROUP BUY - Join now and SAVE UP TO 50% !!!

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Guys and girls

2013 has already begun. The world didn't end on Dec 21, 2012. Isn't it the reason to CELEBRATE?

Join our GROUP BUY and SAVE UP TO 50%!!!

The conditions couldn't be more simple:

Initial discount: 10%
Each person joining GroupBuy adds 1% of discount
Maximum GB discount: 25%
Minimum number of members for a GB to be valid: 10
Time to join: until Sunday, Jan. 20th

Join by replying in this thread stating your nickname and products you desire. It's THAT SIMPLE :)

And here's the GB list:

  • Scorpio - shift boot
  • iheartpb - shift boot and arm rest in BRIDE Red
  • Cayden2 - please confirm parts and colors
  • SiSoldier - shift boot
  • Aluminum - Si shift boot
  • ChuckD - Alcantara shift boot
  • ewok - armrest
  • M4FX - shift boot
  • RangerStrange - steering wheel cover
  • DynoBlue_09_Fa5 - door panels , shift boot , armrest
  • D3isAWESOME - door panels (red or blue?)
  • ccj804 - Shift Boot, Faux - Alcantara - RED ALC, Stock Size, Matching stitching + Arm Rest, Faux - Alcantara - RED ALC, Stock Size, Black Stitching.
  • skiz - Alcantara steering wheel cover COLOR 9002 w/ red thread
  • skatematt - Red Bride center console cover
  • LikeaSI - shifter boot and maybe an armrest cover
  • rsr552 - Solid Leather: Black Armrest with Red (JDM) stitching
  • MWslim - black bride console cover with red stitching
  • Ivtecdou? - black bride console cover with red stitching
  • vinceda53 - Bride black armrest cover with red stiitching
  • lou10788 - shift boot. Leather with red stitching

Take care
RedlineGoods Team
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dammit. how did i miss this? i been waiting the longest time to get a deal on the shift boot.
The discount covers the $9 shipping charge so it's petty much the price they have on the website.
The discount covers the $9 shipping charge so it's petty much the price they have on the website.
oh, ok. wonder if they will do another deal like this or if it is too late jump in. maybe i need to order more to take advantage of the extra 15% off.

jack, can you tell me about this boot, what the specs would be if i were to order it?

black bride
no logo
red (jdm) stitching
no two tone
no special finishing

is the boot layout regular/factory, or 4 panel/x? i think its regular.
boot size stock? i have a twm replacement shifter assembly, so not sure if i should get it shorter

and does the pictured armrest have any extra padding?

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Hi Steve

The pics you showed show stock layout of the shift boot (3 panel) and not padded armrest cover. Armrest may look slightly biger as the Bride material is padded itself - it has 3mm foam underneath.

As for the discount - if you confirm your willingness to roder until tomorrow, I'll send you GB discount code :)

Take care
RedlineGoods Team
Black bride arm rest with black stitching

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Oh man, did I miss on this GB? I'm interested in ordering quite a few items. Primarily your steering wheel cover!
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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