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Currently Sitting:

Hello. I have a 2007 Rally Red Si. I had a pic thread but never really got around to making a build thread lol.

Purchased in March 2007 and currently sits @ 42XXX miles :)

So I finally decided to go turbo, supercharging was fun but I wanted to try the whole turbo gig. So out of the blue skinsfan had some family things come up and he had to get rid of the kit, we swapped everything essentially minus the gauges, walbros and clutches. My man Dennis AKA Imod from clubrsx did the entire swap on Easter weekend. Started Friday night, finished both cars sunday afternoon. :eek:hsnap:

So basically everything you see in his build thread is on my car and everything that was on my sc setup is on his car now. Made 440whp/300trq on 12.Xpsi, daily driving at wastegate (7.5psi)


Engine/Performance Modifications

New Revised SRT RACE CUT kit (very first kit produced):
-Precision Billet 5857 Turbo, V-Band with S-cover (4in inlet/2.5in outlet)
-Ram-horn style, equal length tubular, Race Manifold, Single teardrop Wastegate
-Precision 46mm WG, SS WG dump tube to atmosphere
-Tial 50mm Q-BOV
-3in SS Downpipe
-Full 3in SS exhaust to Vibrant muffler
-4in intake to Amsoil filter
-2.5in SS polished intercooler piping
-24x11x3 SRT Intercooler using Garrett Core.
-SRT Modified Bosch 1000cc injectors with PNP harness
-NGK Heat Range 9 spark plugs
-Hondata Boost Control Solenoid
-Hondata 4BAR MAP sensor
-Crushed FPR
2x P2R TB Gasket
Gold P2R TB Spacer
Stage 1 Exedy Organic Clutch
ACT Streetlight 11lb Flywheel
Innovative 60A motor mounts
Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
Hondata Flashpro - SRT dyno tuned
ATE Superblue brake fluid

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades

Progress Rear Sway bar
Ingalls Front camber bolts
SPC V2 Rear camber arms
BC Racing Type BR Coilovers
Enkei RPF1's 17x8 45+ Wrapped in 245/40 Hankook V12's :love: (currently on)
05-06 RSX Type S wheels (winters)

Exterior Modifications

Custom Lightz Retrofitted Headlights:
-Rx330 projectors
-Type K shroud
-All ambers deleted
-Lowbeam and turn signal areas painted flat black
-6K Phillips Bulbs
-55W Ballasts
Aftermarket Fog lights, Lexan lenses w/ 6K VVME HID's
50% tint on front windows, 35% tint on rear 3 windows
Oem HFP Lip kit
I<3 my honda static cling on
Canibeat/8thcivic ricer stickers :)
Wolo bad boy horn 118DB
Debadged Civic Emblem
Rolled and partially shaved rear quarter panels
Cleared tail light ambers
Corsport Window Visors

Interior Modifications
CSX Center Console
XLR8 Gauge Pod
AEM Wideband UEGO and AEM Digital Boost gauges
Skunk2 shift knob
Mugen Quick Shifter
TWM Base and Cable shifter bushings
Black/red auger shift boot
OEM All season floor mats
OEM Trunk tray

Full sound system, everything replaced; tweeters/woofers/sub
Clarion MAX675VD headunit/navigation
8in Kicker sub in stock location
Kenwood amp

Retired stuff
CT-E Stage 2 supercharger 3.15 pulley
Kidd racing race header
Injen cold air Intake
Go power 3 inch cat back exhaust
**Caveman** TSX retrofitted headlights, Stage 2 color mod by Bjorn @ Customlightz
**Caveman** Blazer Retrofitted Foglights
VVME 6000K D2S/800 series Bulbs(headlights/fogs)
TWM Stage 2 Shifter* Had issues...
Eibach sportlines *went to coilz
Stage 2 Competition Clutch* Blew up lulz
Competition 8lb Flywheel
35% tail light tints *removed due to copperz :(
35% headlight tints *removed
Skunk2 70mm exhaust *traded
Vibrant streetpower exhaust *traded
Tanabe Medallion touring sold
Vibrant w/ HFC RH sold
Cobb Access Port returned
Fujita short ram intake sold
Red P2R Throttle body spacer /w 2 Gaskets sold
Ingalls Power Stick sold

Retired wheels:
Stockies sold
17x9 35 RPF1 sold
17x9 45 RPF1 sold
18x9 38 enkei rpm2 sold
Motegi traklites 17x7 +45 sold
Motegi Traklites 17x8 +45 Traded
2x Enkei RPM2 18x8 +35 :) sold
Volk TE37 18x7.5 +40 Sold
18x8.5 45+ Rays Axis Circuits(AKA rays 57F) Sold
Team Dynamic Wheels w/ M&H 24x8.5R15 slicks Sold

Future Modification Plans
Head unit change
Maybe wheels Idk..


New tuned numbers by Innovative Motorworks, 320hp/215tq :woot:
Ran at the track with a personal best of 13.5 @ 105mph. Best driven by udumkid was 13.8 @ 109.98 mph so I know the car is perfectly capable of 12's. Could not get into 2nd gear for crap. That 13.5 run of mine was done with a nice pause in between 1st and 2nd
Very very pleased with the car :)

Random Mod pix:

^very clean bung weld by Mach V :woot:

Pix from before:




old dyno with just skunk2 70mm
dyno vids:

pic of the chart:

these are STD corrected. so i put down about 189whp in SAE corrected.​


Organizing a custom turbo kit build list for myself to keep track of parts and where to find certain things

Garret 3076 T25 Turbo $1156 GT3076R-WG-TURBO - TREADSTONE PERFORMANCE
Tsi Log manifold $250 Turbospecialties Race
Tsi Downpipe $75 Turbospecialties Race
Intercooler $170 CXRacing INTERCOOLER FMIC 29x8x3.5 1-SIDE Talon Eclipse: eBay Motors (item 330368017882 end time Dec-06-10 17:46:51 PST)
Intercooler Piping
Go power 1000 CC injectors $385 http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/go-p...50cc-750cc-1000cc-injectors-special-sale.html
Hondata 4 bar map sensor $100 http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/spon...ere-engine-internals-cams-turbos-ems-etc.html
Hondata boost by gear $100
Tial Q Blow off valve $226
Gold heat foil $35 Reflect-A-GOLD | Design Engineering, Inc.
Oil sandwich adapter Oil Filter Sender Adapter - 20mm 1.5 Thread
4inch intake $29 90 Degree Aluminum Mandrel bend Pipes- TREADSTONE PERFORMANCE
Spark Plugs: NGK BKR9EIX

Manifold Studs (OEM): Part 14 Honda Automotive Parts)
And the nuts: Part 7 Honda Automotive Parts)

Oil Feed Line
-3an Oil Inlet fitting for GT28R with .035 restrictor built in: -3 size Oil inlet fitting for GT28/30/35R with built-in restrictor : atpturbo.com
-3an Braided Stainless Oil Feed Line: -03 Oil Feed Line, Braided Steel Line With female (flare/JIC/AN) swivel ends 24 INCHES long : atpturbo.com
-3an to 1/8" NPT for Oil Sandwich Adapter: Straight 1/8" NPT to -3 AN : atpturbo.com

T25 Inlet Gasket: T25/GT25 Inlet Gasket : atpturbo.com
5 bolt Downpipe Gasket: Gasket, 5-Bolt for Garrett T25 Flanged GT28/30R-WG Turbine Housings : atpturbo.com

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I really liked them traklites though. Think they look good in gold or gunmetal on rr and fbp.
Yeah, i been nagging my friend that bought them off me to trade me them back lol

hahah yes it looks like **** without them.. ive had em off for a while now but i cant get used to it
that sucks. Yeah i love tinted tails. Only time i had issues was with this years inspection. they failed me for it :pat: Which was pure bs since i passed last year at the same exact shop... idiots

I actually like the rr w/o em. Just didn't wanna be a **** so said remove the reverse portion. jk....:thumb:
lol. I really like how it matches the black & red theme of my car. The random white color would throw it off imo
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