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I drive a 07 civic si sedan, last year my bro bought me rain guards for all 4 windows cause im a smoker....I moved recently and when i went into the box, i couldnt find the hardware....I remember the instructions were in all japanese, there was two sided sticky tape, and some metal clips / fasteners. I think they are jdm parts cause he ordered them from japan and took forever to get here...unfortunately it was too cold to install when i got em and now i lost the hardware.

anyone know where i can purchase the hardware for those rain guards from ?
Do i need the clips or can i use just sticky tape (i feel something horrid about putting double sided tape on my car) or anywhere i can get a similar kit from?

I know this is a lame question, but I can't ask my bro cause then he'll know my stupid A$$ lost em.

Thank You!
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