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Names Myke I own a 2008 NHBP FG2 figured I'd make my own build thread so here it is ENJOY!

April, 2008​
The day the car was bought.

Same day got 15% tint

May, 2008​
Debadge the Civic Emblem and took off Pin Stripes

June, 2008​
Modded the Stock Intake and Replaced foglight inserts with Mesh wire.

August, 2008​
Installed the DC Sports Race Header and Tein S Techs, Throttle Body Spacer/Gaskets

October, 2008​
Cleared Headlights

November, 2008​
Installed HKS TI-Sport Exhaust

December, 2008​
Installed Boomba Racing Motor Mounts and the Ingalls Torque Dampner, CTR style Valve Cover

January, 2009​
CT-E Short Shifter/w Skunk2 Weighted Knob, Modded the Knob so it sits lower, Painted Brakes calipers

February, 2009​
JDM Red H's, Progress Rear Sway Bar, Intake Manifold Gasket

March, 2009​
Replaced Modified Stock intake with Injen Cold Air Intake, relocated Radiator hose. this is how the Engine bay looks like now

This is how the car sits today

August 2009
Access Port

September 2009
Yospeed SI battery Tiedown

October 2009
Tail Overlays and JDM Steering wheel Emblem

Thanks for Looking at my 2008 Civic Si (FG2)​

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I like every bit of it, except for the calipers. You'll regret that, some day.

Either way - good job on function, before form. Your car has been tastefully done, and is easy on the eyes. I wouldn't change a thing, cosmetically.

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Painted calipers hold up well if you do a quality job. I painted my TSX's calipers gloss black using the G2 paint kit, and nearly two years later they still look great. I put four coats on each caliper.

Good looking Civic, OP.
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